I Believe

Growing up in the Bronx in the 1950s I was still in my single digits. Television was in its infancy. Our first t.v. had a three inch screen, and later we graduated to a thirteen inch set, both black and white. One of my favorite shows in those early days was Peter Pan starring MaryContinue reading “I Believe”

Facing Uncertainty

People are waking up every day, stunned and dazed by a world turned upside down. The novel coronavirus has upended everyday life in ways that are unthinkable. Businesses have closed, and jobs everywhere have been lost. Friends and family are testing positive for COVID-19, and so many people are dying. The toll on human worth and dignity has been overwhelmingly harsh. There is an unresolved mourning.

Curbing Bribery and Corruption with a Strong Corporate Culture

“Broadly ethics and compliance programs are effective when they are industry specific metrics oriented and operationalized” noted Keith Darcy, an independent senior advisor to Deloitte Touche LLP’s Regulatory and Operational Risk practice and a presenter on the webcast. He pointed to several requirements issued by the US government to operationalize and standardize corporate compliance programsContinue reading “Curbing Bribery and Corruption with a Strong Corporate Culture”